In the beginning of October there was a change in the leadership of Unichem. The company owner has appointed Mr. Robert Surina as the Company Director.


Mr. Robert Surina has a bachelor’s in economics and is an experienced manager with extensive managerial experience in well-known Slovenian companies. He is also accredited with a number of successful projects and possesses considerable knowledge, ambition and the ability to lead in times of intense development.

This was the basis for owner’s decision and thus he entrusted the most responsible job in the company to him, thereby guaranteeing that the successful path of Unichem will continue.



When handing over this important function, the owner of the company, Mile Radivojević, remembers the most important achievements of his team in the last 30 years:

"Unichem d.o.o. was established in 1989 as the first private company to manufacture home and garden products based on its own development and production. Today, Unichem is a contemporary equipped company both technologically and in terms of IT with its products registered and sold in over 50 countries worldwide. It is the leading Slovenian manufacturer of substances for plant nutrition, protection against insects and rodents.It also occupies an important market position in foreign markets, especially in the 5 countries where it has subsidiaries.

In its 30 years of growth, Unichem has significantly increased its revenues and the share of export sales, which now make up 70% of all sales. All employees, of which there are currently 150 participating in the quality of operations and development with enthusiasm. The company is distinguished by its team of young and educated professionals (agronomists, chemists, engineers, psychologists, lawyers, economists, etc.). The company has significantly increased its range of products, which now comprise over 250, supplemented by the highly recognizable brands Plantella, Bio Plantella, Urban Jungle, Effect and Ratimor. Unichem is particularly known for its unique Club Gaia with Gaia magazine which consists of over 50,000 gardener lovers – club members and followers.

Thus, after 51 years of work, including 27 years of Unichem leadership, I have completed one part of the journey and have ensured that Unichem’s successful journey will continue under the guidance of my younger colleague. However, my contacts with the company will continue to be in the field of business and technical consulting.

I am confident that our cooperation will continue to be successful and promising and that we will continue to maintain our positive business and partner relationships.”"

Despite his retirement, the Company owner Mile Radivojević will still be connected with the company and available for any consultation.


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